Where are you based?

I'm based in Spain, a little town just outside of Malaga. I mostly travel along the Costa Del Sol for my Photography work but am also available to travel to other destinations for Photography projects.

How long have you been a Photographer?

I've had a long and beautiful love affair with Photography gaining a diverse range of experience going back many years and travelling over many miles.

I've been focusing on Lifestyle & Wedding Photography for over 4 years now and
absolutely LOVING it!

What is your photography style?

Generally I shoot in a photo-journalistic style. I try to capture all the events of the day in a natural, spontaneous, and discreet fashion.

You will hardly know I am there!

In post production I like to keep things simple. I never alter or photoshop images, only using Lightroom editing to slightly enhance the image quality to suit the mood of the photograph.

You will receive a variety of images in colour and black and white.

Do we get to have all of the photos from the day?

Yes, you will receive all of your photos in high resolution, fully edited and ready to share.
(Except for the odd ones that don't quite make the cut!)

How long will we have to wait to see all of the photos ?

Generally within 6-12 weeks depending on the Package.

I always like to send out a small batch of selected images to share with you within 2-3 weeks so you can have a little
SNEAK PEEK glimpse
and share a few with your friends and family.

The rest will follow within the 12 weeks from your
Wedding Day.

A little bit ANXIOUS about 'posing' for photos?

Not to worry at all, this is fairly common and totally normal!

Wether you are a little camera-shy, or a complete extrovert...
either way I can adapt my approach and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

I can promise you it's not as nerve wrecking as you may anticipate and you may even surprise yourselves and kind of enjoy it!

Once we meet, have a good chat and go over your plans together, hopefully that will set your mind at ease.

My aim is that on the day, you will be at ease, relaxed and fully present with each other and all of your guests ...that's when you will shine and the most beautiful photos are captured.

I may offer a little direction here and there if I think it will help ease you through it and bring out the best in the moment.

Usually the best moments are captured somewhere in between the posed shots ...and I'll be there to quietly capture them as they naturally unfold.

We would like a variety of photos...

The bulk of your images will be documentary style candid moments captured throughout the day.

All of the gems!

Along with an array of beautiful detail shots, specially selected couple images and a few family group portraits.

How long are the Couple Shoots? ... We don't want to be away from our guest for too long.

Totally agree and understand!

It's all in the planning, which we will chat about it in the initial stages and allocate a time that suits the flow of the day, location and your personal preferences.

Once we have a plan, the rest will flow on the day and I will ensure we have a lovely time on the couple shoot, capture those special moments and get you back to your guest for a glass of champagne!

Do you offer Post Wedding Couple Shoots?

Yes! We have such AMAZING location options along the Costa Del Sol why not make the most of it for such a special occasion.

Compliment your wedding story with a pre-wedding or post wedding shoot!

The post wedding shoot will allow you the opportunity to dedicate time after the wedding day to do a more elaborate photoshoot and take time to choose your favourite locations. We will have the time and space to indulge in a bit more creativity to capture special images that you will treasure.

Would you like to have a ‘Thrash Your Dress’ Photoshoot?
I would absolutely love to capture that for you too!

How do I book you?

Please just send me a message via the Contact page and we can arrange a chat! x

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