My love of photography travels with me wherever I go.

Originally from Ireland, I've spent a great deal of my life on the move, living in various countries, appreciating different cultures and I always enjoy meeting and working with new people along the way. Nowadays, I am happily settled on the Costa Del Sol, my home base for the past few years where I continue exploring and sharing my love of Photography.

Simple, natural and heartfelt.

My photography approach is simple and relaxed.

 It’s important to me to listen to my clients, understand their story and make them feel comfortable and at ease, forming a genuine and natural relationship and experience.

I love documenting real moments, unobtrusively.  

With my camera I have the opportunity to tell a story and capture the essence of who you are. Photos that are uniquely yours, that reflect your special day and help you re-live, remember and feel it all over again.

Those are the gems!   

Shona Lily



Adventures with 'Bugsy'

Introducing  'B U G S Y'  my 1972  V W   B E E T L E

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